We are here to make you think, here to make you question – question everything!

The interesting thing about this reality check is, we all do think we know ourselves.

This is a journey of wakening, a life-transforming journey of self-renewal. This journey will take you from your childhood through the present. The reason for this is to develop a better understanding of your world, or at least your perceptions of it. You will learn how the perceptions of your world and the perceptions of yourselves are the result of your up-bring and have all be taught to you. You have spent your lives developing these perceptions and it will take a concerted effort to change these perceptions if you so choose.

This site was created as a resource for those who understand they have no clue who they are, but are wanting to find out. Those who are interested in discovering who they really are and how they can affect change in themselves and the world.

How you perceive the experiences you are having is the total of your upbringing, your learning, and your personal experiences. This learning has lead you in the development of the belief systems you use to function in this world. Your learnings are responsible for your perceptions, and your perceptions are responsible for how you see and interpret the world, your life’s experiences and the way you react. Your perceptions are why you have emotional attachments to the experiences you have lived. Why you are fearful of so many things, what fear actually does to you, why you express emotions the way you do, and why you judge others. All of these issues are tied to your learnings and your perceptions.

This transnational journey will not be easy and will require you to open your heart to the possibilities. Open your minds to the what if’s and why nots of our existence. You will come to realize your learnings are responsible for your ego. That your ego is responsible for the fears you have and can be your biggest enemy. Your ego is also the reason you require belief systems through which you are taught to hate, discriminate and judge. It is through this ego-mind you perceive the world and yourselves.

Your travels through this site will result in your questioning. At first you will question this site and the information herein. As you delve deeper you will come to understand the information this site has to offer makes sense. This is when you will begin to question all your learnings and all your belief systems. You will learn that you are the product of your learnings and belief systems and your very perceptions of the world you live in (and how you react to these perceptions) are controlled by these learnings and belief systems. To develop an understanding of yourself you will have to take a good look at your learnings and belief systems and prepare to change (unlearn). Once you have unlearned you will be free to identify the real truths and begin the process relearning who the real you actually is.

It is most important that you realize none of what created your past is your fault. You are a victim of others projecting their learnings and belief systems on you. However, once you have been introduced to the truths, it does become your responsibility to act on it and change the way you live your life. When we seek answers, it is important to understand the responsibility that comes with finding out these answers.

Change is the most frightening word we know, and the prospect of the experience induces a state of panic. For myself, and most people, approaching “change” has been a very difficult exercise. Change requires us to set ego aside and lose the defensive mechanisms we use to justify not changing. Change elicits stress and an uncomfortable feeling that we have failed (or better yet, we are wrong) and that we are not in control. The very thought of change creates an air of defensive concern, fear, and feeling lost. When we attempt to implement it, ego rears its head in defiance, encouraging us to resist the change. Change requires of us a purposeful commitment of honesty. We will have to be honest with each other of course, but above everything else we must be honest with ourselves.

So, prepare to embark on a journey of a lifetime. Your journey begins here and with every step you take, you will create a new you. Relearning from the ground up. So, you think you know yourself? Then let’s begin and find out. Shall we?

“If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it’s not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That’s why it’s your path.”   –  Joseph Campbell

I hope you find the information here helpful in your journey of transformation and remember, you are not alone.

Our Approach

Through the use of live broadcasts, recorded podcasts, written communications, classes and seminars, I will lay down the approach we will use to accomplish this life-changing task. Much time will be spent in self-reflection as this is the key to who you think you are. Self-reflection is a humbling experiences because you discover why you think, perceive, blame, act, and react the way your do,

We will begin by doing a life assessment from childhood to present. The reason for this is to identify the earliest recollection you have of your present learning. Many people can’t remember their childhood and there are reasons for that. Our purpose is to illicit these memories  so we can change the learnings an experiences.