You, and what you can expect.

So, you want to understand why the world is in so much chaos. Why is there so much hatred, violence, and discrimination? Why are political ideals so apart from one another? Why are we always at war with someone? Why can’t the self-proclaimed stewards of our world agree on any of the issues facing our planet?  Why are we so separated? Or perhaps you have decided that your life should mean more to you, and perhaps you are fed up with the direction of the world. You are not alone. 

Welcome to your new Life Sentence. A life sentence of changing your perceptions A life sentence of developing new understandings about yourself and the world around you, A life sentence of discovery both inside and outside of yourself. A life sentence to a new life where the influences and stresses from ego are recognized and understood. A life sentence of a healthier you.

This is a continually changing website, and like you, it will be constantly re-created, updated and revised.  The reason for this is, in seeking answers to the above questions, I discovered that researching conventional wisdom only supported the very negative activities that were going on in the world. The places I searched, to find the answers to these questions, were the very cause of the problems to which I was seeking answers. To find the answers I turned to the most unconventional resource I could find to ask the question, “Why?” I turned to myself.

By turning to myself, I began asking questions like: “If I had the power to change the world, what would I do?”  “What keeps me from changing the world? and “If I could change the world would it be better or worse?” After years of asking myself these questions, and examining and comparing many sources of knowledge, one answer kept coming up. “You can change the world, but to change the world, the change must come from inside yourself.” With every change you make you will find this creates the need for changes in other aspects of your life. Each change changes everything else. You will constantly be creating and re-created, updating and revising yourself.

So what does that mean? I change myself and the world changes? I don’t get it. I started taking a good look at myself and realized the problem isn’t with the world, the problem is with me (or better yet, my perception of the world, and myself). My perception of the world was all wrong? What does that mean?

I discovered that my perceptions of everything came down to one issue, and that was my perceptions were created by my upbringing. What I learned in school, from my parents, from friends, from religious establishments, from community leaders, and from the news. They all played a part in my perceptions. I was seeing the world through eyes that were taught to me by my upbringing therefore, my upbringing was creating my perceptions.

So, if I want to see a different world, I must begin to perceive a different world, and to do this I would have to perceive myself through different eyes. To create these new eyes, I would have to change everything that was causing me to perceive the way I was perceiving. I had to develop a new base-line with which I perceived the world and myself. The realization that this was going to be a major undertaking became overwhelming and I started and stopped this process many times. Everything I was taught would have to be unlearned. I would have to develop new processes by which I could re-teach myself allowing me to see reality as reality exists without the ego and all of its driving forces. It sounded so simple at the time.

Well, it has been a very difficult journey and this journey will never end. I am constantly dismantling and re-defining elements of myself so I can see myself and the world as it really is. My original teachings were flawed because they were all fear-based and my ego would step in the way of my acceptance of this.  I keep searching within to find the answers, and as the answers began to coalesce, awakening resulted.

I came to realize that everything I was, was a lie (very hard for the ego to accept). This will also be the hardest realization you will have to make. The difficulty is, it will have to be an admission you must make to yourself. Your ego will be what gets in the way of your success, just as my ego got in my way. You are quite capable of dealing with your ego (and you must deal with it). Once you face the facts, that you have an ego, that your ego is not your friend, and that your ego lies to you, this is when changes within you begin.

This site and this journey will not be easy and will require you to expand your mind, or better yet, allow your reasoning mechanisms to move from your thinking-mind (ego) to your spirit-mind (ego-less). You will come to realize, as you peruse the content of this site, your ego is your greatest enemy. Understand, that everything you have been taught and all of your belief systems will come into question as you progress. You will learn that we are the product of our teachings and belief systems and our very perceptions of the world we live in (and how we react to these perceptions) are controlled by these teachings and belief systems. This is when you will understand why I abbreviate belief systems (BS). You will also discover that not only do we live in an illusion, but it is also an illusion within an illusion ad-nauseam. Every time you think you have found the truth (or reality) you will discover it is just another illusion because we must struggle through all we have learned to arrive at who we really are. Have patience as this is a very long process of stripping away all we are not to finally arrive at who we are.

Change is the most frightening word we know and the prospect of the experience induces a state of panic. For myself and for most people “change” is a very difficult activity for us to accept. A change elicits stress and an uncomfortable feeling that we have failed or we are wrong. The very thought of change creates an air of concern, fear, and feeling lost. When we attempt to implement it, ego rears its head in defiance encouraging us to fail.

Change requires of us a purposeful commitment to honesty. We will have to be honest to each other of course, but above everything else, we must be honest with ourselves. What is that old joke? How many psychologists does it take to change a light-bulb? Only one, but the light-bulb must want to be changed. Well light-bulb, welcome to change.

I hope you find the information here helpful in your journey and remember that you are not alone. You can contact me at or continue within this site.