My Thoughts

The following pages are simply my thoughts. Thoughts to make you think about yourself and your place in this world. Thoughts of what you aspire to, what you dream of, and what you wish to accomplish. No judgements, just true self-perspectives. We share this form of ours, this body, with a part of us who loves the excitement of control. Controlling it’s surroundings, it’s material spoils, controlling every aspect of life. The problem with this is it’s our life it wants to control. It wants to control us. So, who is this other part of us? It’s our Ego. Ego loves the drivers seat, pushing buttons picking the radio station, and making us react, and want, and desire, just about anything it can convince us it wants. As you peruse the information on the site you will come to understand what I am saying, at least if you are honest with yourself. So enjoy and happy reading. Any questions, you know where to find me.